Homeowners Insurance

Water damage from a leaking appliance or a burst or broken water supply line is one of the most common insurance claims, with 1 in every 50 homeowners experiencing nearly $8,000 in damage every year*.

But did you know that nearly all residential water damage due to leaking appliances and burst water supply lines could now be prevented?

leakSMARTTM offers complete home water protection with its innovative, patent-pending leak detection and automatic water shut-off system, designed for residential applications.

The leakSMARTTM system quickly detects and alerts homeowners of water leaks and automatically shuts off the water supply to help eliminate the threat of devastating water damage.

For mere pennies of the average residential water damage claim value, this revolutionary system will help to prevent costly damage from common issues like appliance, plumbing fixture and water supply line leaks. See how it works.

Contact us to learn more, and to discover how you can share this smart solution with your policyholders.

*Insurance Information Institute, Average Homeowners’ Losses.