No Hassle Installation for your leakSMART Valve

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Even though the leakSMART system is easy-to-use, we know how intimidating plumbing DIY projects can be. Plus, it takes time to find a licensed plumber who is not only reputable, but also comfortable working with smart devices.

Your leakSMART system can be installed in three steps: (1) leakSMART shut-off Valve installation; (2) leakSMART app set-up; and (3) leakSMART Sensor placement and pairing

Once you purchase your system, a leakSMART representative will contact you to schedule your No-Hassle Installation of your leakSMART automatic water shut-off Valve with a licensed, experienced, and local plumbing professional.

Just provide us with a few available days and times, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I purchase “no hassle” installation?
A: You can purchase the “no hassle” installation as an option on the leakSMART Product Page.

Q: Do I need to be home when the water valve is installed?
A: Yes, a homeowner will need to be present while the plumber is in your home.

Q: I already know how to work with my home’s plumbing. Can I do the leakSMART Valve installation myself?
A: Professional installation is recommended; however, it does not require it. The Valve installation is similar to any other water valve installation in your home, so the experienced plumbing DIY homeowner can successfully install the leakSMART Valve in their home.

Q: How long will the plumber be in my home?
A: Most leakSMART Valve installations take between one to two hours, depending on the configuration of your home’s plumbing.

Q: Does the leakSMART No Hassle Valve Installation cost anything?
A: Yes, the one-time fee for the leakSMART Valve installation is $200.

Q: Will the plumber also install and set-up my leakSMART Sensors, Hub and App?
A: No, the plumber is only certified to install the leakSMART automatic shut-off valve. The rest of the leakSMART System setup can be easily completed by following our step-by-step instructions in your included user’s manual (also available for download