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Homeowners have worked hard and saved diligently to make their dreams a reality. They may not be thinking about the possibility of water damage affecting their homes, but they are actually 3.5 times more likely to experience water damage than theft.

Help them protect their investments with leakSMARTTM. This wireless system not only detects water leaks throughout a home, but also immediately shuts off the water supply to help prevent devastating and costly water and property damage — all in less than 5 seconds. See how it works.

The full leakSMARTTM system includes:

leakSMARTTM Valve — a UPC certified wireless, motorized full port brass shut-off ball valve. This 3/4″ (or 1″) valve is installed on the home’s main water valve.

leakSMARTTM Sensors — wireless, waterproof and reusable units that monitor moisture and temperature. These are placed throughout the home by the homeowner.

leakSMARTTM Hub — an Internet gateway that is connected to the home’s WiFi through an Ethernet connection that is installed by the homeowner.

leakSMARTTM App — This app, available in both the Apple Store and Google Play, notifies the homeowner when a leak is detected in the home, the valve is shut off, or for other alerts, including low battery or temperature alarms.



leakSMART is designed and produced by Waxman, the trusted manufacturer of quality plumbing products and accessories for nearly 70 years through the PlumbCraft® brand and other private label plumbing accessories.

The leakSMARTTM system is available online or at DIY retailers nationwide. Contact us to learn more, or to begin sharing this revolutionary technology with homeowners.