March 6, 2017
    Mike Stanley - Vectorform |

    Back in September, we asked if now was the time to invest in smart home technology. Adoption rates were up, but when it came to real estate, the results were mixed. But that’s hardly surprising; understanding a new market like this is always tricky. Luckily, we have the U.K. as an e...
    February 27, 2017
    Mike Stanley - Vectorform |

      As it becomes more popular, the smart home industry is gaining a reputation for being green and environmentally conscious. Is it all hype, or is it true? Spoiler alert: it’s true. The amount of energy (and money) homeowners can save from installing certain smart home devices is seemin...
    February 20, 2017
    Mike Stanley - Vectorform |

    Just because a home is small doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have futuristic features like its larger counterparts. And as we see smart home tech become prevalent in the mainstream and tiny homes rise in popularity, it makes sense to pair the two. Intel seems to agree, too. The company ...
    February 13, 2017
    Mike Stanley - Vectorform |

    Smart home features are no longer just cool add-ons. They’re actually becoming must-haves for homebuyers, as they search for their move-in-ready homes. In fact, John Burns Real Estate Consulting recently performed a study of more than 22,000 people currently in the market for a new h...