We reached out to people who had previous water damage to their home and asked them to tell us their water leak horror stories. So many of these folks wish they had leakSMARTTM before their disasters. View their stories.

Story #1 – “Daddy! There’s water all over the floor!”

Last January, I sent my young son upstairs to take a bath while I was watching a Sunday evening football playoff game. After all, it was the championship game, and the Super Bowl matchup was going to be finalized – I wasn’t about to miss the ending of one of the biggest games of the year.

See, our son loves Mommy’s and Daddy’s bathtub because we have a 19” TV mounted up in the corner, and he can watch his favorite show. Sometimes, when it‘s Daddy’s turn to supervise bath time, football is on TV, and truth be told, Daddy is never happy to supervise bath time when football is on. It was no different on that fateful January day.

But, something was really different that day. I kept hearing, “Daddy! Daddy! There’s water all over the floor!” From the comfort of my recliner, I kept yelling back upstairs, “Ok, I’ll clean it up when I get you out of the bathtub.” The big game was on, and I surely wasn’t going to trek all the way upstairs to mop up a puddle of water and miss the end of the close game. I was far too engrossed in the game to even think about why there was really water on the floor when my son was supposed to still be in the bathtub.

The game was almost over when I start hearing a faint sound of rain coming from my garage. “That’s funny,” I thought. Of course, I waited until commercial break to check it out. Boy, was I in for a shock!

I went out into the garage and saw water pouring out of every light fixture in my garage, my ceiling was bowing, and drywall tape was unraveling from all of the water. I immediately raced upstairs!

The first thing I asked my son was, “What happened!?!?” Tears started to flow down his face. “I flushed the potty, and it started leaking. I’m sorry, Daddy!”

What actually happened was my toilet supply line had failed, and the water just kept gushing out –flooding my upstairs bathroom with water ruining everything in its path on its way to the garage, below. Now, I wish I had just put the game on pause and ran upstairs when I heard my son’s original cries for help.

The aftermath of this debacle was not fun. I had to get my insurance company involved right away, who in turn, had me call a flood restoration company. All of the drywall in my garage and all of the insulation in my garage ceiling had to be ripped out and replaced. The restoration company had to bring in industrial fans and industrial dehumidifiers to clean up the damage. And we had to have special chemicals applied to all of the flooded areas so black mold wouldn’t develop.

The worst part of all of this was the cold, yes, the cold. It was in the middle of a very cold winter, and there was no insulation in the ceiling of my garage. Our entire house was exposed to a giant, gaping hole where cold air just rushed in. By the time the house dried out, and the restoration company replaced the insulation and drywall, it was a full three weeks later. It was miserable. In was absolute misery.
I now know that water damage equals weeks of misery. If I had just had leakSMARTTM, I wouldn’t have been able to ignore the leak that was about to wreck my home. BIG lesson learned.