leakSMART Works With Nest

Nest products and leakSMART. Working Together For A Greater Piece Of Mind.

How does leakSMART work with Nest?
If the leakSMART system detects a water leak anywhere in the home and no one is home – using the Nest Home/Away Assist available in all Nest products – the system will not only shut off the home’s water automatically, but it will also offer to notify an emergency contact. This integration helps provide even greater peace of mind and complete home protection from water damage. Additionally, since the combination of leaking water and extreme temperatures can spell disaster, the home’s Nest Learning Thermostat’s room temperature and indoor humidity readings are displayed in the leakSMART app, so homeowners are always in the know.

What Nest products work with leakSMART?
All Nest products feature the Nest Home/Away Assist feature, including the Nest Cam Security Camera, Nest Learning Thermostat, and Nest Protect Smoke & CO Alarm. When you set up Home/Away Assist in the Nest app, you choose a phone or tablet that you’d like to use to tell your home when you’ve left or arrived. Since you probably carry your phone with you all day, it lets your home know when you’re there and when you’re not. But unlike systems that rely only on your phone’s location to tell where you are, Home/Away Assist also uses your Nest products’ activity sensors. So even if you leave your phone at home, or the battery dies, Nest can tell that you’re gone — and if a water leak is detected in your home when you’re Away, you’ll be prompted to call your emergency contact.

If you have a Nest Thermostat, the leakSMART app will also display indoor humidity and room temperature readings.

Will the leakSMART Valve still automatically shut-off the water when a leak is detected when it’s paired with Nest?
Yes. No matter if you’re Home or Away, your leakSMART Valve will always shut-off your home’s water automatically and immediately whenever a water leak is detected in your home.

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