5 Ways Smart Home Devices Enhance Your Home

(Bedford Heights, Ohio) Oct. 1, 2015 — Consumers are adopting smart home devices in record numbers, and the trend appears to have significant staying power. Why should you join this new way of life? Here’s a list of the benefits associated with adding smart home devices to your life.

1. Convenience

Life is busy! You have to be at work and at home for a service appointment, but you can’t be in two places at once. Or, you spend all day wondering, “Did I leave the lights on?” after the morning rush to get out the door. With smart home technology, you gain remote access to all of your home’s settings, no matter your geographic location. Whether you’re sitting in your living room or you’re away for months at a time, you can manage anything from the lock and alarm system to the dishwasher with your smartphone. Home automation allows you to streamline tasks, monitor continuously and receive alerts if something is happening.

2. Resell Value

A recent study by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC and CNET showed a 91% net promoter score for smart home products and an 81% better chance of buyers purchasing a home if it already has smart home technology installed. Those involved in the study went as far as to say that in three to five years, it will become the new “norm” for buyers to expect smart home technology.

3. Savings All Around

Energy, time and money — three things most of us wish we had more of. Lucky for us, smart home devices can grant us more of all three. As part of the Coldwell Banker/CNET study, 57% of participants said that their smart home products save them time — an average of nearly 30 minutes a day. Smart home products save energy, too. They provide access to real-time energy information and let you sync appliances, so you can tell the appliances to run automatically during the most energy-efficient times. A great example of this is monitoring for when to run your dishwasher. You can program it once you discover the appropriate time, and it will start if you’re home or away. Yet another thing you save with smart home products is money? Another finding from the study is that 45% of Americans with smart home products report money savings, averaging nearly $1,100 a year!

4. Security

There are countless options when it comes to adding security to your smart home system, all with the same benefits of monitoring, control and safety. As a homeowner, you can receive notifications when an unwelcome guest enters your property, stream live video of your home, activate lights if a smoke alarm starts going off, trigger lights to come on as you’re approaching your home, and even monitor and stop water leaks or flooding. It’s literally as if you have eyes on your home at all times.

5. Peace of Mind

The Coldwell Banker/CNET study notes that 72% of those who have smart home products experience more peace of mind, as it relates to home security. Why? Smart home devices have the ability to monitor every aspect of your home 24/7 — serving as a watchful eye whether you’re home or away. They monitor security of your premises, while also adding financial and environmental peace of mind. No matter what you’re using them for, you reap the benefits in more than one way.

Article written by leakSMART®, the leader in water leak detection and prevention. For more information about leakSMART®, visit leaksmart.com. Read more about the Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC and CNET study here.