Eliminating Water Damage in the Home from Water Leaks with a Patented, Smart Home System

(Bedford Heights, Ohio) Oct. 15, 2015 — Whether out for the evening or for the entire winter season, leakSMART® – the market’s leading complete home water protection system – conveniently protects homes from water leaks anytime homeowners are away.

Designed and manufactured by Waxman Consumer Products Group, Inc., this leading household water monitoring and leak prevention system gives homeowners complete control — protecting priceless investments from devastating water damage. In fact, a small, steady leak can add up to more than 43 gallons a day.

JaNette Barnett, vice president of marketing and sales for Waxman Consumer Products Group, explained leakSMART’s noteworthy features, compared to others currently in the marketplace. “leakSMART is the industry leader in residential water mitigation,” Barnett said. “leakSMART is not only capable of leak monitoring and discovery, but also automatically shuts off the home’s main water supply as soon as a leak is detected.”

leakSMART is not only innovative, but also user-friendly. The leakSMART Valve, Hub and App (available for both iOS and Android), as well as the system’s wireless and waterproof leak Sensors, all work together to detect a leak, stop the water immediately, and then also alert homeowners, granting them unlimited control over their home’s main water supply.

Consumers can purchase a stand-alone leakSMART system directly from the manufacturer or from Amazon. leakSMART can also be added to any compatible Zigbee® smart home system.

For more information about leakSMART, visit leaksmart.com.