Nest® and leakSMART® Work Together to Help Prevent Water Damage and Bring Peace of Mind

(Bedford Heights, Ohio) May 17, 2016 – leakSMART® announced today that its system now works with Nest. If the leakSMART® system detects a water leak when Nest senses you’re away, it will automatically shut off your home’s main water valve and also give you the option to dial an emergency contact through the leakSMART® app. This integration helps provide even greater peace of mind and home protection from water damage. Additionally, since the combination of leaking water and extreme temperatures can spell disaster, your leakSMART® app will display your Nest Learning Thermostat’s indoor temperature and humidity readings.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, more than 2.6 million homes experience water damage every year. Many times, burst supply lines or faulty appliances cause this devastating and costly water damage. In fact, it is the second most common home insurance claim in the U.S.

The Nest and leakSMART® integration will help homeowners feel more comfortable knowing that at the first sign of a water leak, the two will seamlessly work together to automatically shut off the home’s main water valve and provide the ability to call an emergency contact. Without any human intervention, the leakSMART® system shuts off the home’s water in less than five seconds whenever a wireless leakSMART® sensor detects a water leak.

“leakSMART® is proud to be part of the Works with Nest program,” said Larry Waxman, CEO of Waxman Consumer Products Group, Inc., the parent company of leakSMART®. “It has always been our goal to eliminate water damage and to allow homeowners to feel personally in control of their home’s water. Our integration with Nest is taking this mission a step further by helping to provide homeowners with even greater peace of mind and home protection whenever a leak is detected.”

The leakSMART® system is available online at or directly through leakSMART®.

For more information about leakSMART® and how it works with Nest, visit

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About leakSMART®

leakSMART® is a patented home water protection solution with leak detection and monitoring for everything from burst water supply lines, washing machine leaks, and leaks from other appliances and plumbing fixtures throughout the house. leakSMART® automatically shuts off the main water supply whenever a leak is detected in the home. The system also immediately alerts the homeowner on a smart device when a water leak occurs — all in less than five seconds. For more information about leakSMART®, visit

About Waxman Consumer Products Group, Inc.

leakSMART® is a trademarked solution designed, developed, and manufactured by Waxman Consumer Products Group, Inc. (Waxman). Based near Cleveland, Ohio, Waxman has more than 500 employees around the globe who design, develop, and distribute efficient and innovative products for virtually every room in the home. The company specializes in surface protection and floor care, home improvement and hardware, and home organization and storage solutions, among other categories. For more information about Waxman or any of its brands and solutions, visit