5 Smart Home Tech Blogs You Need to be Following

It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with what’s happening with smart home tech, even for the hardcore enthusiasts out there. As with most passions, though, there are many devoted bloggers which can help you connect, stay informed, and learn about the best of the best from the world of smart home tech.

Here’s our list of the top blogs (plus podcasts and youtube channels) on smart home tech. If you’re a smart home tech enthusiast and aren’t subscribed to these, you’re really missing out.

1. The CNET Smart Home

The CNET Smart Home

Anyone who’s been interested in electronics or just getting great in-depth reviews of all kinds of home products for the last two decades has no doubt heard of CNET. It was founded in 1994, so it’s about as old as anything you’ll find on the internet. So why has it hung around for so long? Simply, the quality reviews and analysis coupled with entertaining content makes this the gold standard.

That holds true for smart home technology as well. CNET Smart Home has purchased an entire physical house for the sole purpose of testing smart home technology under real life conditions. This brings a lot of credibility to its reviews, as well as letting the publication test a much wider variety of tech than most of these other blogs and podcasts. Also, CNET has articles, reviews, and great video content on YouTube. This is a must-watch for any smart home tech enthusiast.

2. The Home: On – Home Automation Podcast

The Home: On – Home Automation Podcast

Personal confession time: I’ve been a podcast addict for over a decade and listen to an average of 2-3 hours of them every day. With that in mind, I’ve been pretty impressed with this podcast. Host Richard Gunther has been posting episodes once or twice a month consistently since mid-2013 (quite a while in the podcast world), and the audio quality is solid (very important for anyone with little patience for scratchy, poor-quality recordings).

The hosts and guests discuss the range of topics you’d expect: industry news, product reviews – an all-around view of what’s happening in the smart home world. The benefit with this show in particular is the insights of the hosts. Gunther and his co-hosts have been at this for a while and you’ll really come to value their opinions.

3. At Home in the Future

At Home in the Future

This is no doubt the most endearing blog about smart home tech you’re likely to find. This Nashville-based family started this blog as something of a pet project, but their eye for detail, good design, and helpful insights really shines through. Here, you get something a bit different than most of the other more professional blogs and podcasts here. You get the opinion of a typical family and thoughts on how they interact with these products.

Besides that, the site is well organized and easy on the eyes. The reviews are meticulously detailed and well structured, so it’s always easy to find the information you’re looking for.

4. The Smart Home Show

The Smart Home Show

The second podcast I’m recommending here is similar to the first. This one also posts once or twice a month, with a single regular host, Michael Wolf, in addition to a revolving cast of guest hosts and regular guests. For me, the main reason to listen to this podcast in addition to the aforementioned The Home: On is to get a second opinion. It’s always interesting to compare what each show discusses and emphasizes around the same time.

If you’re happy to listen to 2-4 smart home-focused podcast episodes a month, these two make a nice one-two punch to give you a wide perspective on everything that’s happening in the industry.

5. PC Mag’s Smart Home Section

PC Mag’s Smart Home Section

Like CNET, PC Mag has been a staple of the tech world for about as long as most of us can remember. So it’s hardly surprising that it’s got some top notch coverage of smart home tech. The biggest advantage of its coverage is the product reviews. They’re easy to understand, broken down with ratings and summaries of products. This really makes quick comparisons easy.

That’s now more important than ever. One of the biggest advantages of keeping up with these blogs and podcasts is to help you wade through the ever-growing lists of new products. Trying to compare five different water leak detection devices on your own can be a bit overwhelming. It’s nice to have a little help sometimes.

Which Smart Home Blogs or Podcasts Do You Follow?

We’re always on the lookout for new sources of great info on the smart home industry. If you’ve got a great source of info, share it! We’d love to hear from you.