Where Should You Buy a Smart Home Leak Detection System?

You know you need a smart home leak detection system. Whether it’s because your basement has been flooded or you just happen to know how damaging water leaks can be, you know you need one.

Now, it’s time to look at your options for purchasing and installing the system. Leak detection systems are still fairly new, so we’re here to explain the entire process, step by step, with tips on getting the best deals and finding the right system for you. Get these right and you’ll save money and avoid unnecessary hassles. Sound good?

Choosing Which System to Buy

Obviously, this is the first big decision here. There are a few factors you need to take into account when choosing a water leak detection system. First, if you’d like your system to work with other smart home devices, you’ll need to look into compatibility.



Scott Cawley / Flickr / CC BY-NC

Because (as CNET so eloquently put it) a smart home divided against itself cannot stand, if you’re going to seriously invest in smart home tech, deciding which ecosystem to invest in (Samsung, Nest, Google, Apple, etc.) is the most important choice you’ll make. The good news here is that smart home products (leak detection systems included) are getting much better at working with each other. What else should you consider?


The next big choice you’ll have to make relates to which features you want and how much you’re willing to pay for them. The basic divide is between basic water leak detection systems, which only alert you to leaks, and more elaborate systems that both detect and stop leaks. Frankly, prevention is key here. If you’re out of town and get a notification about a major water leak, without a system that can help stop the leak, there isn’t much you’ll be able to do about it.

If you’d like a more in-depth breakdown of this process, check out the 4 steps to choosing the right smart home device.

Where to Buy a Leak Detection System

Obviously, this question depends first of all on which product you’d like to buy. Most are available in the following places:


Okay, this goes without saying. These days, there are few products you can’t find on the web’s biggest retailer. If you’re considering buying on Amazon, think about shipping and whether the leak detection system is on sale.

But you can also think about helping out creators by buying through an Amazon affiliate program. Many podcasts, YouTube channels, and other forms of online media have affiliations with Amazon, allowing you to buy products on Amazon at the regular price while passing a percent of the profits along to an innovator. Just a thought.


Buy a smart home leak detection system directly

This is one place where too few consumers tend to look. We like to assume that our favorite retailers will have the best price, but sometimes buying direct can come with big savings. So always take a look at the main site of the water leak detection system you’re looking at buying to see if they offer it directly at a better price.


Now we’re on to the bricks-and-mortar options. If you’re already heading out to pick up some light bulbs, it’s easy to just pick up a smart home system while you’re there.

But there are other reasons to consider this option. Hardware stores also offer expertise on everything from installation to compatibility. If you’d like to hold the product in your hand or get some questions answered by a real person, this is a good option.

Figuring Out Installation

Figuring Out Installation

Installation is the last step here. Many wonder whether a smart home leak detection system is simple enough to install themselves or whether they need to bring in a plumber. That depends largely on the type of system you have. A basic system that only detects leaks will be fairly straightforward and not require any plumbing expertise.

If you’re purchasing a system that can also shut off water – either at the source or at your home’s main supply pipe – you’ll want to consider finding a plumber. Improperly installing a system like this could end up causing a water leak instead of preventing one.

If possible, look for a plumber with experience installing these kinds of systems. Setting up smart home devices can be tricky the first time, so just as with getting expertise at a specialized hardware retailer, it helps to have someone who has done this before on your side.

Still Have Questions?

Whether it’s a question about installation and plumbing, or just where a specific water leak detection system is available in your area, don’t hesitate to contact us at LeakSmart. We’re always happy to help.