The Best Smart Home Technology to Take Care of Your Second Home

There’s no denying that owning and maintaining a second home can be a lot of work. Whether it’s an investment, a vacation property, or a place to rent out, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to a home you don’t visit every day. But there’s good news! An array of new technologies have come on the market in the past few years, and they’re making the process of owning a second home easier than ever.

Here’s a breakdown of those technologies and how they’re impacting this market.

Smart Security Systems

Smart Security Systems

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There’s nothing worse than that nagging feeling of “Did I remember to lock the door?”, “Did I just drive 400 miles and forget the house key back at home?” or “Is my second home safe?” These are thoughts nearly every owner of a second home has had. That’s why everyone who owns multiple properties should really consider smart lock and security systems.

The difference here is keyless and remote access, along with levels of customization that were unimaginable with previous security systems. Companies like Scout and Simplisafe offer à la carte options for building a custom home security system with smart home features.

That means you can buy just one door sensor with live monitoring, or get four door sensors, two window sensors, an HD camera and no live monitoring. The point is that these systems let you buy only what you need. The advantage for second homes is that this can all easily be controlled with a smartphone from any distance. Now let’s see some of the specific options which should be of interest to owners of second homes.


This is a hugely important addition. If someone comes to the door of your second home, these video doorbells allow you to see who they are and decide whether to unlock the door from anywhere with an internet connection. So if you’re having furniture delivered, if you want a neighbor to come water your plants, or if your friends simply arrive at the house before you for vacation, it’s easy to choose who gets access.

Also, if someone tries to rob your home, this doorbell sees who’s at the door, adding another layer of security. All of this taken together makes this new generation of smart home security systems a no-brainer for second homes.

Leak Detection Systems

Leak Detection Systems

Unfortunately, home break-ins aren’t the only potential danger a second home faces. There’s also the danger of water leaks. The issue here is that even a small water leak can cost you serious money, causing thousands of dollars of damage in the worst-case scenario if a major leak is not detected and stopped quickly. If you’re away from your second home for months, or even days, at a time, this is a real danger.

Smart home leak detection systems aim at stopping that threat in its tracks. What they do is detect any water leaks as soon as they happen and then automatically shut off the home’s main water supply to prevent any further damage. Best of all, if your home is in a colder climate, you can also remotely shut off the main water when temperatures get below freezing.

Smart Thermostats

Have you ever arrived at your second home and dreaded those first few hours waiting for the temperature to get to something livable? Well, smart thermostats aim to end that problem (and a few others). First, there’s the ability to tell your home to set a specific temperature completely remotely. That fixes the aforementioned problem pretty nicely.

But these thermostats are much smarter than that. They also learn your behaviors and find the optimal temperatures at all times, leading to energy savings over time. Plus, software updates mean that these features only improve with time. The best known product in this area is undoubtedly Nest’s smart home thermostat, though Honeywell also makes a great and more affordable thermostat.

Whether your second home is somewhere tropical or somewhere frigid, a comfortable temperature and a bit of energy savings make all the difference.

Smart Home Hub

Lastly, if you’d like to really tie all of these technologies together, you can’t do better than a smart home hub like an Amazon Echo or Google Home. These hubs connect to all your other devices and let you control everything from the temperature to the locks with just your voice. It’s a nice touch and can really make using all the technology you’re using in your second home much easier.

Which Devices Take Care of Your Second Home?

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