LeakSmart Now Compatible with Samsung SmartThings

Protect smart homes from water leaks with LeakSmart

BEDFORD HEIGHTS, OHIO (June 14, 2019) — LeakSmart®, the world’s most intelligent leak and flood protection system for the home, now works with the Samsung SmartThings Hub, enabling homeowners to easily connect the LeakSmart system to their already connected home. The SmartThings Hub allows users to connect wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices to make them all work together.

LeakSmart is the leading smart home leak detection and flood protection system that detects and protects your home from all sources of potential water leaks. SmartThings currently integrates with LeakSmart’s Protect by LeakSmart® Valve, as well as LeakSmart’s water sensors that are placed around the home to detect leaks.

By setting rules for the LeakSmart System via the SmartThings app, your system will automatically shut-off the home’s main water supply or homeowners can easily turn off their water if one of LeakSmart’s sensors detects a leak or pipe-freezing conditions.

The SmartThings app integrates your home’s technology on one platform allowing you to control your home and stay up to date by receiving notifications. SmartThings can teach your home a few new tricks and make life a little bit easier.

“LeakSmart and SmartThings were both founded on the premise of protecting homes from devastating water damage – the second-leading cause of home insurance claims,” said Larry Waxman, CEO of Waxman Industries, parent company of LeakSmart. “Now, with LeakSmart, SmartThings homeowners can have added peace of mind knowing that their home, a second home or vacation property is protected.”

LeakSmart integrates with more industry leading platforms than any other leak detection system on the market. In addition to SmartThings, LeakSmart works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Google Nest, Wink and Control4. Home builders and homeowners alike are protected with LeakSmart’s five-year manufacturer’s warranty when purchased and installed by a professional installer. LeakSmart has received several industry awards, including being named the 2019 Automation Device of the Year at CES, the world’s largest consumer technology show, by the Consumer Technology Association and CE Pro magazine.

About LeakSmart

LeakSmart is the world’s most intelligent and reliable leak and flood protection system for your home. It detects water leaks instantly, automatically shuts off a home’s main water supply in five seconds or less to prevent any further damage and notifies homeowners immediately. Developed by a team with over 85 years of plumbing manufacturing experience, LeakSmart allows homeowners to relax knowing that if there’s a leak, they’ve got the best defense against potentially catastrophic water damage. To learn more, visit us at leaksmart.com.