Six Tips for Opening Your Summer Getaway

Six Tips for Opening Your Summer Getaway

There is no surer sign that summer is about to start than the opening of your cabin, cottage or summer home. Whether it’s your first or 15th opening, here are some helpful tips to make sure this year’s this summer of fun is a success.

Reconnect with Utility Companies

Before arrival, if you disconnect utility services such as electric, propane, water, phone, internet and TV during the colder months, contact services to get them reconnected so you return to your cabin that is ready with lights, water and plenty of summer action. And don’t forget to ask about a discount or current seasonal promotion.

Look for Leaks and Other Signs of Wear & Tear

Before moving in, it’s good to take a quick lap both inside and out of the cabin to inspect for downed power lines; large yard damage or debris; damaged windows, roofs doors or siding; rodent damage; bad smells; wet or stained flooring, furniture or ceilings.

Once you are in the clear, then turn the water back on, check for leaks around sinks, toilets and water lines. If damage is suspected, turn off the water main and contact a plumber.

Consider Creating a Home Inventory

Did your cabin pass inspection? Great! But what if it didn’t? Would you able to recall the personal items in your cabin should it be damaged by water, fire or severe weather? Consider listing everything in an inventory that is helpful to have on hand if disaster strikes.

Pump the Septic System

While fall is a great time to have a septic system pumped, be sure to do this this as soon as possible upon your return to avoid sluggish draining or flushing, odors or sewage backup.

Make Some Smart Upgrades

Want to know what’s going on in your home when you are not there? Consider having a smart ring doorbell, smart thermostat, or a LeakSmart leak detection and protection system installed by a plumber or plumbing, heating and cooling specialist.
While away from your summer home stay in control of your water. LeakSmart will not only monitor for leaks and shut water off automatically if a leak is detected, but also remotely control your water supply from your smart phone. While you are at it, consider installing a LeakSmart system in your primary residence to ensure a water crisis is averted even while you’re away.

Have Your Contractor Open & Close Your Home

Sometimes opening or closing a cabin can be a real hassle, or difficult if the property is still owned by an aging friend or relative. Consider enlisting your plumber or plumbing, heating and cooling specialist to help open and close your cabin. While many people think that shutting off the circuit breaker every time you leave your home saves on energy, it actually requires a large surge of energy when turned back on and can create unnecessary damage to your circuit breaker.

Your plumber can identify and wrap pipes, adjust the thermostat and water heater, unplug big appliances and bring everything back online again upon your return – and if you install a LeakSmart leak detection system, even serve as an emergency contact.

Happy summer!