Warning Signs that Could Lead to Plumbing Issues

The days are long and summer calendars full. Having a trusted plumber on speed dial is always a good idea, especially with summer travel and activities on the horizon. But how do you know when to call in a professional? Check out these five warning signs that a bigger problem may be on the horizon.

1) Water around the toilet base.
Are you wiping up water on the floor near any of your toilets? Time to call your plumber. First, your plumber will ensure the leak is coming from the base of the toilet by flushing to see if the water expands. If this is the case, the bolts can be tightened or the worn out wax ring replaced so you can flush with confidence.

2) Water near the dishwasher.
The dishwasher is another culprit of leaks that sometimes fails to give a warning sign. The location of the water will give the plumber an indication as to the problem. You might need a new latch or gasket for a leaky door, tightened hose connections, or new valves. Clean dishes are one thing, peace of mind that a slow leak won’t destroy your kitchen is another.

3) Water leaking from your showerhead.
No matter how small, a leaking showerhead hints at issues to come. Mineral deposits naturally build up over time and can plug holes and even damage valves if left unchecked. Your plumbing professional will identify the source of the problem so you can go back to belting out your favorite tunes.

4) Water near the washing machine.
Front load or top load, no matter how you throw the clothes in, if there’s water leaking out, there’s a problem. Washing machines are serviced by high-flow lines so damage to the hose can mean major trouble for your laundry room and surrounding areas. If the gasket is worn in a front load washer, water can leak out throughout the course of the cycle. With the help of a plumber, your leak will be located and fixed. Sorry, that doesn’t help with the pile of dirty clothes waiting to be washed, dried, and folded.

5) Water is dripping from the icemaker.
It might not seem like an immediate emergency, but a slow leak from an icemaker can cause costly damage. A plumber can investigate if defrost drains are clogged or cracked, whether valves need to be replaced, or if line fittings are loose. Because the only water you want out of your icemaker is cubed.

How to work smarter, not harder
Staying ahead of issues before they get ahead of you is always a challenge with busy schedules and limited time. Let LeakSmart leak detection and protection system be your eyes and ears. Installed sensors will alert you to both small and catastrophic leaks, automatically shutting off the main water supply and sending a text to you and your plumber within five seconds. This water security system makes the call so you don’t have to. Crisis averted. Let summer continue!