Protecting Your Extended Family

Our busy lives are often crammed with taking care of something – the kids, the pets, the house, and even our own parents. That last one can be particularly difficult if aging parents live far away or require frequent visits. With your schedule, you cannot just drop by and check in on them every moment of every day. However, thanks to smart home technologies you can feel almost like you are there in person.

According to research from Business Insider, more than 24 billion internet-connected devices, or four devices per person, will be installed around the world by 2020. With some of these devices, such as smart cameras, smart door bells, and smart security, you can be alerted at any time day or night if your parents are in crisis. And you can even check in on them proactively. But have you ever considered how helpless you might be if the second leading cause of insurance claims happened in their home?

Water damage is outpaced only by wind when it comes to homeowner insurance claims. Water leaks lead to mold, which can impact residents’ health. If leaks go unattended, the resulting damage can be catastrophic – loss of valuable items, irreplaceable mementos, even whole home devastation. How do you ensure this doesn’t happen?

Smart technologies now extend to leak detection. LeakSmart detects and protects. When the system senses a leak, it shuts off the main water within five seconds and sends alerts to all identified contacts — your parent, you, even your preferred plumbing expert. The system works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If Wi-Fi is down, LeakSmart continues monitoring the water in a home.

You never have to worry about your parents suffering water damage again, giving you peace of mind and allowing them the independence of living alone. Smart technology, helping you take care of the ones you love.