Learn and Control Your Home’s Water Usage with Protect by LeakSmart® with Flow

Learn and Control Your Home’s Water Usage with Protect by LeakSmart® with Flow While Safeguarding from Leaks and Floods
Monitor Water Usage While Detecting & Stopping Leaks with Automatic Five-Second Shutoff

BEDFORD HEIGHTS, OHIO (Oct. 3, 2019) — American families use an average of 320 gallons of water per day, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Monitor and control your home’s water usage while protecting it from devastating leaks and floods with the new Protect by LeakSmart® with Flow, the world’s most intelligent leak and flood protection system for the home.

Protect by LeakSmart with Flow offers all-in-one water flow analytics and leak detection. LeakSmart offers complete home water protection by detecting a leak’s location, shutting off a home’s main water supply, and sending alerts via smartphone in less than five seconds. Gain insight with hourly, daily, weekly and monthly water usage statistics through the LeakSmart app to make a home more water efficient. Protect by LeakSmart with Flow also detects burst pipes, appliance leaks or potential in-wall leaks based on the increase in the water flow against a homeowner’s set daily usage limit, sending an alert to shut off the water when it is close to the limit.

“With Protect by LeakSmart, you can conserve water by monitoring and controlling your activity while protecting your home from devastating water damage,” said Larry Waxman, CEO of Waxman Industries, parent company of LeakSmart. “And it can make your smart home smarter because LeakSmart integrates with industry-leading platforms Google Assistant, Alexa and Control4, making it the most complete water security solution on the market.

Protect by LeakSmart shut-off valves are available in two sizes and will be sold starting Oct. 1 as part of a system that includes the LeakSmart Hub 3.0 and three sensors at a suggested retail price of $799 for the ¾-inch system and $899 for the one-inch system. The Hub 3.0 with battery back-up offers true 24/7TM leak protection even during power outages and downed Wi-Fi, and the wireless reusable sensors can be placed throughout the home to detect the location of even the smallest of leaks.
When installed by a LeakSmart Pro, homeowners are protected by LeakSmart’s industry-leading, five-year manufacturer’s warranty. Visit leaksmart.com/find-an-installer to find a LeakSmart Pro near you.
About LeakSmart

LeakSmart is the world’s most intelligent and reliable leak and flood protection system for the home. It detects water leaks instantly, automatically shutting off a home’s main water supply in five seconds or less to prevent any further damage while immediately notifying homeowners. Developed by a team with over 85 years of plumbing manufacturing experience, LeakSmart allows homeowners to relax knowing that if there’s a leak, they’ve got the best defense against potentially catastrophic water damage. To learn more, visit us at leaksmart.com.