Smart Home Water Protection

Introducing Protect by LeakSmart® with Flow

Water damage and flooding can be a nightmare for homeowners; how do you protect your home from water damage before it starts? LeakSmart’s mission is to protect every home and family from catastrophic water damage; we are always striving to create new, innovative products that deliver on that promise. So we are proud to announce the world’s most intelligent leak and flood protection system, Protect by LeakSmart®with Flow.

Protect by LeakSmart is a true 24/7 leak protection system—it monitors and controls your water activity, empowers you to prevent water damage before it happens, and protects your property and belongings, even if you are not at home.

Leak Detective At Your Service
A typical flow meter does what it says: it monitors water flow. In contrast, LeakSmart has sensors that “find” leaks, which mainly come from appliances (think washing machines, water heaters, toilets, dishwashers and faucets) and appliance connector malfunctions. When a LeakSmart sensor identifies a leak, your valve will automatically shut off the water in 5 seconds, and you will be instantly notified on your smart phone. This quick shut off provides peace of mind that your home is protected from catastrophic water damage.

Power Outage From a Storm? LeakSmart Still Protects
Another critical difference between other flow meters and LeakSmart: our new leak protection system operates off a proprietary smart home protocol with battery back up, so it works and protects your home even when the power and Wi-Fi are down. Other flow meters need power or internet to work. LeakSmart easily integrates with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Control4.

Watch Your Water Efficiency
Protect By LeakSmart® with flow offers another valuable benefit: water analytics. With our system controlling and managing your water flow, your home water use will be more efficient and affordable. You’ll have data about your daily, weekly and monthly water usage, and can make adjustments as necessary.

We Guarantee A Home Without Water Damage
Our newest product stands out from other flow meters on the market. While competitors offer one or two-year contractor warranties, LeakSmart provides a five-year manufacturer’s warranty when installed by a professional. LeakSmart also offers general liability insurance up to $1,000,000 if the LeakSmart system fails after installation. We also pride ourselves on providing industry-leading support for our customers, with tech support, customer service or sales guidance whenever you need it. We stand by our product and will guide you through any questions or concerns you may have.

So how do you get this innovative new system for your home? Simply contact your plumbing contractor and ask about Protect by LeakSmart® with Flow.