Technology Helping Prevent Water Damage

The Future of Business and Tech recently featured LeakSmart in thier article discussing how smart home technology helping prevent water damage. Read more about home water damage on The Future of Business and Tech’s website.

“Water damage can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs but thanks to smart home technology, it’s easier to detect and stop a water leak before it becomes a costly nightmare.

After flooding — which no technology can prevent — the second most common cause for water damage is home appliances, most commonly water tanks, washing machines, and toilets. With a leak protection solution in place, especially a LeakSmart solution that shuts off the water main in seconds, the difference can be having a puddle to clean up rather than causing irreplaceable damage and having to call a remediation company.”

LeakSmart provides the most innovative and dependable smart home water leak detection and protection system for your home. Through the use of the LeakSmart system you can detect and prevent water damage with LeakSmart smart home water sensors, Smart Home Hub, a smart water valve. In the event of a leak, you will be notified via the LeakSmart iOS or Android app that a leak has occurred. The system can shut your water main off in 5 seconds or less; preventing costly water damage and restoration services. LeakSmart even offers advanced water fow analytics with the Protect by LeakSmart with Flow Analytics system. Learn more about how the LeakSmart system can protect your home.