LeakSmart® Wins ‘Green Innovation of the Year’ Award from Green Builder Magazine

LeakSmart, the world’s most intelligent leak and flood protection system, has won a Green Innovation of the Year Award for Protect by LeakSmart® with Flow. The all-in-one water flow analytics and leak detection system was recognized by Green Builder magazine for setting new standards in sustainability with its water monitoring capabilities while protecting homes from devastating in-wall and appliance leaks.

With Protect by LeakSmart with Flow, homeowners can monitor water usage in real-time as well as set daily, weekly and monthly usage limits to make a home more efficient. When a leak is detected, LeakSmart will turn off the home’s water supply while alerting homeowners via smartphone in less than five seconds. LeakSmart is also backed with True 24/7™ protection, LeakSmart’s proprietary wireless network and battery backup that continues working even when power and Wi-Fi are down.

“With this award, Protect by LeakSmart with Flow not only demonstrates that it is the most intelligent leak detection system on the market, but also one of the greenest by preventing both water waste and costly water damage to the home,” said Larry Waxman, CEO of Waxman Industries, parent company of LeakSmart. “Plus, LeakSmart is the most compatible with existing smart home systems of any leak detection systems in the market, making it a ‘smart’ smart home investment for builder and homeowners who’ve already entered this exciting category.”

When installed by a LeakSmart Pro, homeowners are protected by LeakSmart’s industry-leading, five-year manufacturer’s warranty. Visit leaksmart.com/find-an-installer to find a LeakSmart Pro near you.

About LeakSmart

LeakSmart is the world’s most intelligent and reliable leak and flood protection system for the home. It detects water leaks instantly, automatically shutting off a home’s main water supply in five seconds or less to prevent any further damage while immediately notifying homeowners. Developed by a team with over 85 years of plumbing and manufacturing experience, LeakSmart allows homeowners to relax knowing that if there’s a leak, they’ve got the best defense against potentially catastrophic water damage. To learn more, visit us at https://leaksmart.com.