Part 2: Making the Most of the COVID-19 Quarantine: Easy Home Updates

If you read our first blog post offering seven easy and timely home improvement projects, then we hope you have successfully ticked those off your to-do list. If not, don’t worry – you have plenty of time to complete them. For those of you who want to tackle a few more projects during your second week of quarantine, we have seven additional ideas listed below.

At the top of the list is installing your own LeakSmart leak detection and protection system. It’s easy to do with our Snap by LeakSmart DIY product. With this system, rest assured that any small or large leaks will be halted in their tracks within five seconds or less. After all, water damage is the second-leading cause of all insurance claims.

Once you’ve taken care of potential leaks, here is a week’s worth of steps you can take to ensure your home is optimized to take care of you and your family.

Daily Project Check List

  1. Clean a closet each day: Organizing closets are step one in decluttering your home, which will free up your physical and mental space.
  2. Rearrange the furniture: Simply moving your couch to another part of the room or moving furniture between rooms will give your home an entirely new look and feel.
  3. Reimagine your basement: Now that you have more time at home, is your basement a potential at-home gym? Maybe it is a library or study. Spending more time at home means each and every room should be a place of performance and peace.
  4. Clean your garage: You’ve been putting this one off for a while, and the dirt and dust has been building up. Remove the cars and get out the broom. From there, try to move things off the floor and on to wall racks to free up space.
  5. Check your gutters and downspouts: Fall was months ago. Prepare for those spring rains and make sure your gutters are clear. No one needs water in their basement.
  6. Reorganize your kitchen cabinets: Just like closets, kitchen cabinets can become the repository of things you simply don’t need but didn’t know what to do with. Clear out the old plastic containers and donate cookware you no longer use.
  7. De-clog all your drains in your home: Taking more showers now that you are home more often? Are the drains running slow? Take the time to remove the hair and gunk from your drains. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association you can make your own solution. Simply combine mixture of baking soda and vinegar for an organic drain cleaner. Remove the strainer or stopper and remove as much material as possible with a wire. Avoid using harsh chemicals.

If you missed Part One of our Making the Most of the COVID-19 Quarantine: Easy Home Updates, find it here. Also, check out related blog posts about how smart homes deliver peace of mind and a leak detection and protection system that’s a “Snap” to install yourself.