Bankers & Tradesman Talks Future of Water Protection Homebuilding

The Warren Group’s Banker & Tradesman digital publication discusses the future of homebuilding and the importance of water detection and protection products inside your home. Banker & Tradesman stated:

“New Gadgets for HomeownersMeanwhile, nothing water-related makes any of the numerous buyer-preference surveys, even when the question involves conserving energy or resources. But that hasn’t stopped manufacturers from coming forward with products that could one day be included in model homes.

One such product, LeakSmart, was named one of nine “Green Innovations of the Year” by Green Builder magazine. It not only detects a leak somewhere in a home’s plumbing system, a sensor sounds an alarm and shuts down the main water supply.

Unnecessary? Think again. According to one source, the typical homeowner is 10 times more likely to incur damage from a water leak than a fire. About 40 percent of damaging leaks occur inside the walls, and another 40 percent from appliances. And the damage can be costly: almost $10,000 per incident.”

Read the full articile here on he Warren Group’s, Banker & Tradesman website.