Start Summer with Peace of Mnd

As lake cabins, beach homes and desert condominiums prepare to open for the official start of summer, homeowners will soon be departing their permanent houses for their sweet seasonal escapes, pending each state’s individual shelter in place policy. 

Warmer temperatures also mean the potential for an overloaded, leaking air conditioner or an ignored slow leaking toilet or appliance to come a bigger headache, especially if the homeowner isn’t at home when the problem worsens.  

How do you ensure that you won’t fall victim to a leak-turn-flood that results in a water damage insurance claim while you are enjoying your weekend getaway at that second home? Enter SensXtend by LeakSmart, the newest leak and flood protection product from the world’s most intelligent system. 

The SensXtend by LeakSmart 

The SensXtend by LeakSmart is an innovative kit containing a sensor, dock and rope sensor extension and extension cable designed to provide homeowners with additional protection, customization and flexibility in detecting leaks in especially hard-to-reach areas of the home such as under refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines or water heaters. 

Designed to eliminate the need to move appliances during sensor installation, the rope-style sensor detects water from top to bottom, all along the rope’s four-foot length. It also provides a variety of installation options on floors and along walls, allowing for creative placement options and easier access for sensor battery changes.  

Do It Yourself 

With recent concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners can take peace of mind into their own hands. SensXtend by LeakSmart is compatible with all products in the LeakSmart leak detection system family, including the Snap by LeakSmart, another great DIY product. Visit to learn more about the newest LeakSmart products and order yours.