Quick DIY Projects for a Summer Weekend

After spending weeks inside your home earlier this spring, you may have tackled a number of do-it-yourself projects to enhance the value of your home. But did any of those projects result in protecting your biggest investment? 

As staycations are back in vogue with limited travel still advised, you may be seeking more ways to fill your down time. Here are three quick DIY home-protection projects that you can complete in a weekend or less. 

Update gutters and downspouts 

Dented, broken or missing gutters can cause problems when the heavy rains come, potentially resulting in water damage. Install new replacement aluminum gutters while upgrading small downspouts to larger ones.  Spray old and new gutters for a cohesive look. Visit This Old House.com to find instructions. 

Install leak detection and protection 

Water damage is the second-leading cause of insurance claims. Install a leak detection and protection system that can shut down your main water supply within 5 seconds of detecting a leak. LeakSmart is the world’s most intelligent system, providing four different appliance kits that provide 100% water damage protection. Choose from a dishwasher, washing machine, ice maker or sink kit. All kits come pre-wired for simple installation. Learn more at https://leaksmart.com/products/ 

Install a storm door 

A storm door can protect your home by keeping bugs and debris from getting inside. Find standard sized doors at any big box retailer complete with installation kits. Several hours later you have a whole new look for the front of your home. Visit Family Handyman for a complete step-by-step guide. 

Spending a few hours to complete simple DIY projects that protect your home will pay off with fewer repairs in the long-run and potentially avoiding devastating damage.