Hot Weather Risks

When you think of burst pipes, you may think they only happen during the coldest months of the year.  Yes, November through February are high risk months for frozen pipes but believe it or not the hottest months pose similar risks. 

Water Leak Dangers 

The intense heat across much of the country in July, August and September can lead to a myriad of issues, including but not limited to: 

  • An increased demand for water which puts a strain on the system which could lead to a breakdown. 
  • High heat can also cause older rusted pipes to shift, potentially leading to breakage and leakage. 
  • Additionally, water aimed at the house can lead to basement leaks. Check your lawn sprinklers and adjust them away from your home.  
  • Check gutters to make sure they are connected correctly and downspouts lead way from the home, allowing water to run off the lawn and not down the side of the home. 
  • If you have air conditioning units, check for dripping water that may be hitting your floors. Readjust the drainage pipes to aim outside and make sure the drain lines are clear. 

DIY Water Protection Solution 

As you do what you can to protect your house from summer season water damage, add to your peace of mind with a fool proof leak detection and protection system.  You can install one yourself. Consider Snap by LeakSmart This simple, easy to install, smart home water protection solution installs without tools and snaps on any ball or gate valve. Upon detecting a water leak, it shuts down the main water supply in five seconds or less, sending an alert to your smart phone.  

Take the necessary steps to protect your house from hot weather dangers while you can. Learn more about LeakSmart’s full range of products including the new SensXtend and appliance kits at