LeakSmart Adds Wi-Fi Sensor Connectivity

Simple Smart Home Leak Detection

Protecting your home from water damage – whether it is caused by storms, frozen pipes, appliance or HVAC failure or black mold – can be tricky. In some cases, insurance won’t cover certain expenses, and with the average claim hovering between $7,000-$10,000, taking precautions is a sound investment.

An affordable, expandable and simple way to add a smart home leak detection system is now available. LeakSmart’s Wi-Fi Sensor connects to your smart phone via our free app to send notifications for leak detection, temperature and humidity changes and sensor movement – with no hub required.

Set-up is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Download the free LeakSmart app and create your account
  2. Add each sensor to the app by pressing the pairing button and scanning a QR code on each sensor.
  3. Place the sensors in sensitive areas: basements, kitchens, and other leak-prone areas

If a larger area requires coverage, the LeakSmart SensXtend + Wi-Fi Sensor Kit includes the SensXtend Dock, rope sensor, extension cable and Wi-Fi sensor for the additional coverage. With the patented Tri-Port design, the SensXtend Dock triples the coverage by providing up to three separate rope sensor lines. It’s a perfect solution for basements: one sensor for a washing machine, one for a sump pump and one for a hot water heater.

Take home protection to the next level by combining it with other LeakSmart devices. The LeakSmart Wi-Fi Sensor communicates with existing LeakSmart products, including the valve controller and hub systems to shut off your main water supply within 5 seconds of detecting a leak.

Overall, the LeakSmart Wi-Fi sensor is a standalone item that requires no hub, enabling homeowners to add a smart home leak detection system, saving their homes from water damage. Whether it is a vacation home, a rental property, or home sweet home, the same Wi-Fi connection that is used for entertainment or working from home can now help protect your home.

Learn more about how the new Wi-Fi Sensor and SensXtend can provide even more coverage.