LeakSmart Adds Wi-Fi Sensor: Simple Smart Home Leak Detection

BEDFORD HEIGHTS, Ohio, November 16, 2021

LeakSmart has released the latest in smart home leak detection, utilizing your home’s Wi-Fi signal and your mobile phone.

The LeakSmart Wi-Fi Sensor is a new generation of leak detection, easily connecting and communicating through Wi-Fi for 24/7 monitoring, no matter where you are. No centralized hub is required.

Homeowners receive notifications for leaks, temperature and humidity changes, and sensor movement. Set-up is a simple 3-Step Process:

  1. Download the free LeakSmart app and create your account
  2. Add sensors to the app by pressing the pairing button and scanning the QR code on the sensor
  3. Place sensors anywhere water damage could occur – under sinks, near toilets, in sump pumps,along basement walls and windowsills, or other leak-prone areas

“The LeakSmart Wi-Fi Sensor enables homeowners expanded protection, all from their home Wi-Fi connections,” said John Villanueva, Waxman Consumer Products Group Vice President and General Manager of LeakSmart. “We know that water damage is caused by more than just leaks. Frozen pipes, black mold and failing HVAC systems all can cause havoc in a home, which is why we developed this latest version. It enables homeowners to monitor leak-prone areas and be proactive in protecting their homes.”

The LeakSmart Wi-Fi Sensor communicates with other LeakSmart products, connecting with the previous Valve Controllers with Hub 3.0 to shut off water within 5 seconds of detection. It also works with LeakSmart’s SensXtend accessories – a great option to extend leak detection coverage and cover hard-to-reach areas.

For more information on LeakSmart Wi-Fi Sensor, visit, leaksmart.com/how-it-works-wi-fi-water-sensor-sensxtend/. There you will find more product information as well as local plumbers or HVAC providers in your area.