How do I know if my Sensor is now working with the Range Extender?

You will know if your Sensor is working with the Range Extender by seeing an increase in the Sensor ’s signal strength indicated by the blue bars that appear next to your Sensor in the LeakSmart app. You will need to perform a power cycle by removing one of the batteries from the battery chamber and replacing it. If you don’t see an increase in signal strength, then try the following:

  • If the Sensor has not been paired to the app already, pair the Sensor at its location.
  • If your Sensor is already paired, perform a factory reset on the Sensor. To perform a factory reset, open the battery door compartment on the Sensor and hold the pairing button down for 15 seconds. Then, remove the middle battery & replace it at which time you’ll hear a chirp and the LED will flash rapidly on top of the Sensor. The Sensor will disappear from the Sensor list in the LeakSmart app, which indicates you can re-pair the Sensor.