How do you install a LeakSmart Range Extender?

If you have a home with 5000 sq. ft. or more, we recommend installing your Shut-Off Valve & Range Extenders before the system’s Sensors are placed and paired.

Even if you have a home with less than 5000 sq. ft. it is still possible you will need a Range Extender due to distance or interference in your home. Once you’ve installed a LeakSmart Shut-off System, you can determine the need for a Range Extender by observing any of the following:

  • your Shut-off Valve or one or more of your Sensors is showing 1 or no blue signal bars in the LeakSmart app
  • you have tried to move the Hub to a more central location, but continue to observe 1 or no blue signal bars per Shut-off Valve or Sensor in the LeakSmart app
  • you have received consistent notifications that your Sensor or Valve are “Out of Range” or see continual “Offline” events in your event log of the LeakSmart app

To pair the LeakSmart Range Extender:

Plug the Range Extender into an outlet. An orange light will begin flashing on the front panel. Once you see the flashing orange light, click “Add Devices” in the LeakSmart app and choose “Sensor”. After 30 to 90 seconds, the Range Extender should pair to your system. The orange light will change to a green light to indicate pairing success.

You will need to perform a power cycle on any sensors with less than 1 bar in the app after the range extender is paired. You can do this by opening the sensor’s battery compartment door and removing & replacing the middle battery. Check the blue bars within the LeakSmart app to ensure your device now has an increased signal. Test the system to make sure it is working properly by applying a damp cloth to the two metal prongs on the back of the Sensor.