How does LeakSmart work with Snap Valve Controller?

The complete LeakSmart system is made up of four (4) key components – (1) a wireless, waterproof and reusable LeakSmart Sensor; (2) a system hub that acts as the communication gateway between the sensors, the valve controller and the cloud; (3) a Snap Valve Controller that attaches to your ball or gate valve; and (4) the LeakSmart app, which allows the homeowner to be notified of any activity and control the system via a smart device. When a sensor detects water, it sends an immediate signal to the system hub. The hub sends a signal to the cloud, which notifies the homeowner of a system event on their smart device via the LeakSmart app. The hub also simultaneously sends a signal to the valve controller, which automatically shuts off the main water supply to the home – all in less than 5 seconds.