What is the difference between the new LeakSmart Wi-Fi Sensor and Sensor 2.0?

The Wi-Fi Sensor connects directly to your Wi-Fi, which means it is a stand-alone product that can detect leaks throughout your home without needing to purchase a hub. The sensor will send you notifications if a leak is detected, if temperature or humidity reaches an undesirable level or if the sensor has been moved or flipped over. It also protects your home when connected to any account that is linked to a LeakSmart Valve & Hub 3.0 system through the LeakSmart app by automatically signaling the Valve (in Protect mode) to shut-off your water when a leak occurs.

LeakSmart Sensor 2.0 communicates through Zigbee (instead of Wi-Fi), which means you must install a LeakSmart Hub 3.0 to use it. Sensor 2.0 will also shut-off your water when a leak occurs & detect temperature changes, but will not alert you to humidity or sensor movement changes.

Both Wi-Fi Sensor and Sensor 2.0 products are compatible with SensXtend accessories.