Frequently Asked Questions (App)

Product Info:

How does LeakSmart® work?

The complete LeakSmart® system is made up of four (4) key components — (1) a wireless, waterproof and reusable LeakSmart® Sensors; (2) a system hub that acts as the communication gateway between the sensors, the valve and the cloud; (3) a patent-pending, solid brass, full port, wireless motorized water ball valve; and (4) the LeakSmart® app, which allows the homeowner to be notified of any activity and control the system via a smart device. When a sensor detects water, it sends an immediate signal to the system hub. The hub sends a signal to the cloud, which notifies the homeowner of a system event on their smart device via the LeakSmart® app. The hub also simultaneously sends a signal to the valve, which automatically shuts off the main water supply to the home — all in less than 5 seconds.

How many sensors can I hook up?

You can connect up to 32 sensors.
Technically up to 32 nodes, (e.g. 31 sensors + 1 valve).

How many sensors do I need?

The number of sensors needed varies depending on the size of your home and the areas in your home that you want to monitor. Your LeakSmart® system can support up to 32 devices (e.g. 30 sensors + 1 valve+ 1hub).

Where will LeakSmart® work?

LeakSmart® requires an Ethernet connection and access to the LeakSmart® App through the iOS App/Android Play stores. The system will work outside of the US with reduced functionality in terms of notifications and customer support.

Is LeakSmart® available outside the US?

Currently only available in US and Canada.

Is LeakSmart® secure?

Secure in the sense that we do not store any personal information such as credit card number or payment information.
We only store email, phone number (recommended for alerts.), and name.

How is the LeakSmart® valve powered?

The valve is powered through a 9V DC Wall Adapter with (4) AA batteries as temporary power backup in case of power outage.

How are the LeakSmart® sensors powered?

The sensors are powered with (3) AAA batteries that are included with purchase.

Do I need to periodically test my LeakSmart® system to make sure that it is working?

The LeakSmart® valve will go through an automatic valve maintenance cycle every 4-5 weeks. This is intended to extend the life of the product by preventing mineral buildup within the pipe.

Will LeakSmart® detect all water leaks?

LeakSmart® will detect water leaks that come into contact with a LeakSmart® Sensor. It will not detect water leaks within the wall or in rooms where a sensor has not been placed.

Can the sensors also monitor temperature?

Sensor PCB includes a temperature sensor, but it is not activated when paired with the LeakSmart® hub. The temperature sensing functionality is only available with Wink and Iris.

What happens if I have a power outage?

The LeakSmart® Valve has a dual power source. It is powered with an AC power adaptor and also has a battery backup (4 AA batteries). It is recommended that you keep your valve operating on AC power and only use batteries as a backup power source. If fresh batteries are installed in the LeakSmart® Valve, the system will continue to operate in the event of a power outage. It is recommended to have UPS (uninterrupted power supply/ battery backup) in place for the LeakSmart® hub. As long as the hub maintains power you will be protected.

What is the warranty on the LeakSmart® system?

Waxman Consumer Products Group warrants the LeakSmart® product to be free from defects in materials or workmanship, under normal use and service, for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase. If at any time during the warranty period the product is determined to be defective, Waxman Consumer Products Group shall repair or replace it (at our option). The warranty is limited to defective parts as stated. All costs of removal and installation of the LeakSmart® product, including the replacement of warranty parts, are the responsibility of the purchaser. The complete warranty is printed in the LeakSmart® Installation and Operation Manual.

How long do the batteries last?

Sensor batteries currently last up to 1 year.
We have low battery emails and SMS notifications when it is time to change the batteries.

Can I have two properties connected to one account?

Currently our system only supports one property.

What other smart home products does my LeakSmart® system work with?

There are 4 kinds of hubs that will work with the LeakSmart® valve: Wink (Home Depot), IRIS (Lowes), SmartThings (Samsung), and LeakSmart® ( A hub is required for LeakSmart® to work.

What is the temperature threshold?

LeakSmart® temperature limitations are based on temperature specifications from the battery companies. Typical batteries can only operate between the temperatures of -4 to 130 degrees °F. The actual temperature sensor on the LeakSmart® sensor board has an operating range of –40 to +257 °F.

Can a LeakSmart® sensor be reused after they have detected a leak?

Yes. The battery compartment of the LeakSmart® sensor is waterproof and designed to be reused after detecting a leak.

What happens when water comes into contact with the LeakSmart® Sensor?

Water will short the two contact pins on the underside of the sensor resulting in the valve closing (if in “Protect” mode) and/or sending an alert to the user.

Using LeakSmart®:

How do I create a LeakSmart® account?

Download the most recent LeakSmart® App from the iOS App Store/Android Play store. Make sure that your smart device meets the minimum requirements for iOS/Android version and device support.

Where do I place the sensors?

We recommend placing sensors behind the toilet, under sinks, next to washers, next to water heaters, or anywhere leaks are susceptible. Plumbers in Colorado also recommend placing a sensor right next to the main water valve.

Where should I place my hub?

The hub requires an available Ethernet ports (the provided cable is only 3 ft.). The recommended installation location for the hub is in a central location of the home so that it can have better signal strength to the valve and sensor(s).

What alerts will I receive?

Email and SMS notifications (standard messaging rates apply). Go to the “Alerts” page of the LeakSmart App to add additional emergency contacts, enable SMS, and other notification options.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, tap the “Settings” button on the home screen of the LeakSmart app. Then tap the “Change Password” button and fill in the fields.

My LeakSmart® system is setup, now what?

LeakSmart® is constantly monitoring your home for water leaks. If an event occurs at one of your sensor placements, you will be notified via email or text message. Make sure that your primary and emergency contact information is up to date and includes your contact’s emails and phone numbers.

My sensor discovered a leak, what do I do?

After you take care of the leak, simply dry off your sensor and place in the same location. The sensor will immediately begin monitoring and reporting to you again

How do I see more info about my sensor?

Click on a specific sensor to see its details page. From this additional page, the user can rename, identify a sensor to verify connection, and toggle between shutoff/detect-only/HVAC modes.

Do I need to manually reset my LeakSmart valve after it shuts off my water main?

You can use the manual open/close buttons on the valve or open/close through the LeakSmart® App. You need to make sure that the leak has been resolved (sensor(s) not actively being triggered) before the valve can be manually reopened.

How should I place my sensor?

Place the sensor with the battery door facing down. We recommend locations around the home that are susceptible to water leaks (e.g. Water heater, toilet, etc.)

Where do I place my hub if I have multiple access points?

If your home has multiple access points (routers), we recommend choosing the one that is located most centrally within the home. This will provide the best signal strength to all sensors and valves throughout the home.

How do I know my hub has been registered?

Register the hub through the LeakSmart® App on your iOS/Android device. Once you create your account, follow the directions in the App. The hub has been successfully registered once the status bar at the top of the App home screen reads “System Ok.”

What do the lights and beeps on my sensor indicate?

~3 seconds after powering on the sensor, the sensor will blink rapidly indicating that it is ready to pair. When the sensor pairs to the hub, there will be 5 longer blinks of the LED along with 3 quick beeps. The sensor will have the same 5 longer blinks of the LED when the sensor rejoins the hub.

What do the lights on my hub indicate?

Solid Red, AC power connected to the hub but no internet connection
Blinking Red, Power connected and active internet connection
Double blink green, new hub successfully activated but no devices paired yet
Solid green, new hub successfully activated and devices paired
Single (slower) blink green, hub currently in pairing mode for adding sensors/valves

Installation of LeakSmart®:

Can I install LeakSmart or will installation require a professional plumber?

Unless the user is very comfortable with cutting into the water main line, we recommend hiring a professional plumber on the installation. LeakSmart warranty only covers product defects and not any issues that may arise during the plumbing installation.

My main water valve is outside. Can the LeakSmart® valve be installed outside?

The current valve controller is not waterproof and would need some sort of enclosure. We do not recommend running an extension cable of 120V power outside, even with our LeakSmart® 9V barrel jack extension wire, you still have live power running outside your home.

Where should I install LeakSmart®?

The LeakSmart® Valve is installed after the water meter so that when it receives the signal from the system hub, it will automatically shut off the water supply to the whole house. For complete protection, LeakSmart® Sensors should be placed throughout the home wherever water leaks can occur.

How do I add another sensor?

To add a sensor to your system, press the “Add Device” button on the home screen of the LeakSmart app and follow the instructions.

How do I know my sensor is connected?

Track the connection status of the sensors through the LeakSmart App (iOS/Android), which will tell you how many sensors are connected. When a sensor loses connection the user will be notified through the App or via configurable SMS/email alerts.

How do I know my valve is connected?

Track the connection status of the valve through the LeakSmart® App (iOS/Android), which will tell you when the valve is connected. When the valve loses connection the user will be notified through the App or via configurable SMS/email alerts.

How do I know that my hub is connected?

Track the connection status of the hub through the LeakSmart® App (iOS/Android), which will walk you through the hub activation process. The App’s home screen banner will read “System Ok” once the hub has successfully activated. If the hub loses connection, the user will be notified through the App or via configurable SMS/email alerts.

Can I test the sensor to make sure it’s working?

Through the LeakSmart® App, the user can test a paired sensor with “Identify Mode” on the individual sensor’s details page. After pressing the “Identify” button, the paired sensor will beep for 15 seconds, letting the user know it is working properly.

Can I test the valve to make sure it’s working?

Yes, there are a couple different ways to test your valve. First, you can press the open and close button on the front of the valve. Second, you can tap the open and close toggle switch in the LeakSmart app. Lastly, you can pick the sensor up and flip it over and place the provided testing thing (e.g. metal or a damp paper towel) on the two prongs to simulate a leak.

How do I delete a sensor?

You can’t.
You would have to manually reset the sensor while still powered and paired. Hold the reset button underneath the battery door for 10 seconds.

How do I delete a valve?

You can’t.
You would have to manually reset the valve while still powered and paired. Quickly press the center pair button on the valve 5 times.

How do I delete a hub?

Go into the settings page of your LeakSmart® app and tap the “Delete Hub” button.

What if I want to move the location of a sensor?

After moving the location of the sensor, we recommend retesting the connectivity of the sensor through the LeakSmart® App’s sensor identify feature to ensure it is working properly.

Can I install the valve vertically?

If possible, install the valve in line with your existing manual shutoff valve.

My hub is taking a long time to activate.

First check that both your hub (via Ethernet cable) and iOS/Android device have an active internet connection (see question 54).

If stuck in the activation step, please call our Customer Service Department Monday through Friday 8am-5pm EST at 1-855-532-5768.

How do I pair my sensor?

To pair your sensor, tap the “Add Device” button on the home screen and follow the instructions.

How do I pair my valve?

To pair your valve, tap the “Add Device” button on the home screen and follow the instructions.

Troubleshooting LeakSmart®:

My sensor is not pairing?

Make sure to place the LeakSmart® hub into pairing mode before pairing sensors or valves. You can initialize the pairing mode through the App onboarding process when adding devices. Alternatively, you can manually activate the hub’s pairing mode by pressing the blue button once.

My valve is not pairing?

The valve may be out of the range of the hub. We recommend pairing the valve near the final pipe install location.
If determined that the valve is out of range, we recommend moving the hub to a closer, more central location in the home.
The valve’s blue light will stop blinking once it has paired.

I’m having trouble connecting my hub to the internet.

Start by connecting the AC Adapter and then the Ethernet cable to the hub. Before starting the activation process through the LeakSmart® App, the hub light will blink red to confirm that the device has an active internet connection.

My LeakSmart Hub has lost connection to its sensors.

Confirm that the hub is still powered and functioning. Go to the location of the sensor (hopefully the user has already named the sensor(s)).
Power cycle the suspected sensor by removing and reinserting the batteries. Watch to see if the batteries are dead, or the LED pattern on the sensor. Fast blinking means that the sensor(s) are no longer paired, 5 slow links means that the sensor just reconnected to the hub.
Check to see if the sensor is still reported as lost connection. If connection is reestablished, we recommend confirming by simulating a leak on the sensor in question.

My water sensor is not pairing.

Confirm that the hub is in pairing mode before attempting to pair sensors. If still not pairing, hold the sensor button (inside the battery cover) for 10 seconds while the sensors is powered to reset the device. Power cycle the sensor by removing a battery and then attempt to re-pair the sensor.

I am not receiving any alerts.

Go to the “Alerts” tab of the LeakSmart® App to confirm your email and SMS information. Standard messaging rates apply for SMS.