5 Reasons Why Your Plumber is Awesome

It may not be the biggest holiday of the year, but it’s still a reason to celebrate. Thursday, April 25 is National Hug a Plumber Day. After reading these five factoids, you’ll see why your plumber deserves a special thank you.

1. Plumbers take care of your number one. And your number two.

When a person needs a plumber, they usually need them right away. From clogged waste disposal systems to burst pipes, busted toilets to leaking appliances, a plumber is there to fix it all and to ensure everything is flowing smoothly again. And super skills are required, be it climbing under sinks, around toilets wedged into crawl spaces.

2. Plumbers’ Biggest Days are Often Holidays

Did you know that most plumbers refer to Black Friday as Brown Friday? In both 2012 and 2017, Roto-Rooter reported that Black Friday is the busiest day for plumbers, where service calls increase by 50 percent when compared to a “normal” Friday, and up 27 percent over a regular Friday-to-Sunday period. So, while you’re out shopping for holiday gifts, plumbers are on call fixing clogged drains from Grandma Thelma’s potato skins and relieving taxed plumbing systems strained by extra visitors.

3. Helping Homeowners Prevent Further Damage

Ever try to fix a faucet that was springing a leak? Or tinker with a toilet that still did not fill? If you’ve ever had a DIY plumbing project go awry, your plumber’s probably saved the day. But they can also prevent one of the worst plumbing disasters waiting to happen – a leaking or burst pipe – from happening at all by installing a LeakSmart leak detection system, which can detect leaks, turn off a home’s water main and alert a homeowner via text in under five seconds.

4. Plumbers can make plumbing smarter

Google Home and Amazon Alexa are two very popular virtual assistants that can work with smart home devices such as video doorbells and smart thermostats. But they also are compatible with the LeakSmart detection system as well as plumbing products like hands-free faucets, Internet-enabled refrigerators with water lines and more. Ask your plumber what trick they have in their toolbelt to make your home smarter.

5. Plumbers Contribute to Our Economy

Between 2014-2018, the U.S. plumbing industry has grown by 2.4 percent, toppings revenues of $107 billion in 2018 alone, according to IBISWorld. The December 2018 report also noted that this has also helped small plumbing businesses, which have grown by nearly 2 percent, with the number of employees growing by 4 percent. In other words, plumbing has provided both jobs as well as dollars to fuel our economy.

Here’s to all plumbers, everywhere. We salute you.

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