Installation Instructions For Your New Leak Detection System


CAUTION: Professional Installation Strongly Recommended. Connects directly to main water supply. Find A Plumber

CAUTION: Read installation instructions BEFORE installing batteries in your leakSMARTTM Valve or Sensors.*

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It’s never been easier to stay in control of your home’s water supply. Setting up your leakSMARTTM system is as simple as launching an app, pairing with your smart home system and getting your leakSMARTTM Valve installed. Watch this video to see how to install the leakSMARTTM system in your home.

leakSMART System Setup

leakSMART Valve Installation Steps

The leakSMARTTM Valve is a patent-pending, wireless, motorized brass water ball valve that connects directly to a home’s main water supply. Professional installation is strongly recommended to ensure proper operation and reliable water damage prevention.