Whole home smart leak detection

Snap by LeakSmart is an easy-to-install smart home leak detection system that shuts off your water in less than 5 seconds when a leak is detected, protecting you from devastating water damage and giving you peace of mind.

Water damage occurs in the home more than fire and theft

Water damage is the second leading cause of homeowner’s insurance claims, costing on average more than $15,000 (after deductible)—and with water damage, homeowners have additional financial concerns associated with relocating during the required structural repairs.

LeakSmart App notifications

Automatic 5 second shut -off

True 24/7 leak protection system™

Easy DIY install—
installs in a snap

Works with ball or gate valve

Fits 3/4” and 1” pipe (indoor only)

Battery backup during power outages

Low temperature notifications

Leaks can start anywhere
Snap by LeakSmart
protects you everywhere.

LeakSmart Sensors are placed in leak prone areas and near key appliances (water heater, washing machine, ice maker and dishwasher). When a leak is detected, the sensors communicate to the centrally located LeakSmart Hub, automatically shutting off your water supply in 5 seconds or less with the Snap Controller—notifying you even if you’re away and protecting your home and everything in it from the devastation of water damage.

LeakSmart protects you from the devastating effects of water damage

Warped floors. Moldy carpets. Cracked ceilings. Ruined furniture. Lingering odors.
Discolored paint. Destroyed mementos. Structural damage.

Snap by LeakSmart

Snap by LeakSmart includes the Snap Innovative Shut-off Controller, 3 LeakSmart Sensors and the LeakSmart Hub—
which supports up to 32 devices for expanded coverage.

LeakSmart Sensors

The compact waterproof sensors detect water leaks and monitor temperatures at high-risk areas in your home. When a leak is detected at the sensor, it communicates with the LeakSmart Hub and Snap Controller to automatically shut off your water in less than 5 seconds—sending you an alert with email, text and push notifications.

  • Get one free sensor (a $69 value) with the purchase of Snap by LeakSmart using promo code: SNAP20
  • Integrates with your Smart Home

    LeakSmart offers the most intelligent technology integrations with leading smart home systems to elevate your level of control, efficiency and peace of mind.

    works with Google assistance works with SmartThings just ask amazon alexa Wink Control4


    Prevented a catastrophe

    We had LeakSmart sensors setup at each plumbing fixture in our house, which detected a small leak underneath our washer that was previously unknown. As a result, we were able to address the issue before substantial damage was done to our hardwood floors. Not only did we prevent a catastrophe, but we improved overall efficiency too. 

    Brian G.


    Quick and easy installation

    Installation was quick and easy. Now I can leave home with the peace of mind that my house and all of our priceless memorabilia’s are protected.

    Ralph A.


    No more anxiety

    For the first few weeks after our house flooded, I would have an anxious feeling in my stomach thinking what would happen if another pipe bursts and floods my home again. Now with LeakSmart, I know that can never happen! I recommend this product to every homeowner I know.

    Albert W.

    State of the art technology awards

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