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Usage and Attribution Policy
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Proper Use of Trademark
Upon every reference of LeakSmart®, the ® (registered) identifying symbol should be used.

LeakSmart® has filed to become a registered trademark and should be identified as such in the meantime.

Linking Policy
We appreciate your interest in linking to our site and encourage you to link to us. Please refer to our guidelines before doing so:

  1. LeakSmart® is not partnered with every association, company, organization or individual it links to. If you have an interest in a potential partnership, please contact us.
  2. LeakSmart® does not endorse any company, association, product, service or individual over another and prohibits the suggestion of endorsement or recommendation.
  3. When linking to the LeakSmart® site, the site should appear in a new tab or window. Never should it be framed within the existing site.
  4. Those linking should not use information from LeakSmart®’s site. Instead, a link should be provided.
  5. A logo does not suffice as a link. Links should be text only.