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Smart Home Water Valves

LeakSmart Valves pair with the sensor and hub to receive messages and shut off your main water supply in seconds to prevent costly damage.

Protect by LeakSmart
with Flow

Installed directly into your main water supply, Protect by LeakSmart with Flow monitors and controls the water usage in your home and automatically shuts off the main water supply in the event of leak.



Leak Detection Sensors

Powerful LeakSmart Sensors detect leaks in five seconds or less,
sending a message to the system’s hub shutting off your homes water.

Water Sensor

The compact LeakSmart Water Sensor detects water leaks and monitors temperatures at high-risk areas in your home. You can configure it for protect mode (automatic shut-off) or detect mode (alerts only). The more sensors you place, the more areas of your home you protect.


SensXtend by LeakSmart
Extension Kit with Water Sensor

This starter kit includes a water sensor, sensor dock, rope sensor and extension cable that work together to detect leaks in tight, hard-to-reach areas. The patented Tri-Port Design provides three detection ports, so you can triple the coverage area up to 100′ each (300′ total).



SensXtend by LeakSmart Accessories

Cable Pack

Add an additional rope sensor and extension cable to an existing SensXtend Sensor Dock for even more coverage across kitchens, bathrooms or any area that needs leak protection through your home. Rope sensors can be combined to reach up to 100′ per line (up to 300′ total).



LeakSmart System Accessories

The LeakSmart smart home system provides the most intelligent water leak protection solution, made even better by the following add-ons.

Range Extender

The Range Extender plugs into any AC outlet to boost the signals from your water sensors, improving signal strength and leak detection alerts.